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47th live show with Claymaker Shadow Rabbit and The Comic Book School

Our Seventeenth live show (Via Zoom, Courtesy of the East Meadow Public Library ) with Special Guests Shadow Rabbit and from The Comic Book School, Buddy Scalera, A. A. Rubin, Dee Alley, and Kris Burgos

Shadowrabbit's website: https://shadowrabbitart.com/
Shadowrabbits instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shadowrabbit_clay_guy/

The Comic Book School's links:

Anthology page: https://www.comicbookschool.com/titles/creator-connection-panel-1-anthology/

Anthology Trailer: https://youtu.be/fzM5AF1XIkY

Comic Book School: @ComicBookSchool (social); create.comicbookschool.com (forums); comicbookschool.com (web).

A. A. Rubin: @TheSurrealAri (social); aarubin.wordpress.com (web); birdman33@gmail.com

Buddy Scalera: @BuddyScalera (social); https://www.comicbookschool.com/about-buddy/ (web); Buddy@buddyscalera.com

Dee Alley: @r3dh3ad3d3d (insta); @Redheadeded (twitter);

Kris Burgos: @Kris.Burgos (insta); @TalesBeyond (insta); Talesbeyond.com (web); kris@talesbeyond.com